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Entrevista a Oswaldo Ramírez en 0800-Flor: ¿Cómo mercadear un candidato o un plan de gobierno?

Presidential Campaign Posters: "THe above is a true likeness of "ten cent Jimmy" Buchanan, the "Damed-Black-Rat's" candidate for President.

Facultad de Ciencias, UCV

“The Wise Old Bird Says Hoo, Hoo, Hoo-Hoo-ver." Campaign song sheet music from Herbert Hoover’s 1928 campaign, during which he defeated Al Smith.As seen in the Library of Congress book Presidential Campaign Posters.

1914 FDR for Senator : Political Memorabilia Blog

George McGovern for President poster (1972) (from: http://newmanology.tumblr.com/)

presidential campaign poster - 1948: Harry S. Truman (Democrat) v. Thomas E. Dewey (Republican) v. J. Strom Thurmond (States' Rights Democrat) v. Henry A. Wallace (Progressive)

Poster Promoting the Re-election of President George H. W. Bush (R), 1992.

WHO-Tube: World War II in Europe: Every Day - http://www.warhistoryonline.com/whotube-2/tube-world-war-ii-europe-every-day.html

political campaign artwork - Google Search

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