Explora De Lobos, Punta De, ¡y mucho más!

Isla de Lobos, Fuerteventura. Topógrafo. Land Surveyor. Repin: Topografía BGO Navarro - Estudio de Ingeniería

Más impacta el lobo callado que el perro ladrando.

Todos tenemos dos caras que nos hacen lo que somos Más

Yesterday was not enjoyable. It was the second day that high winds had cancelled all boats to the Isla de Lobos. Determined not to waste my day, I decided to complete a later stage of the GR131 and get a bus back to Correlajo, ready to complete Lobos the next day (various factors have made it increasingly hard to wild camp, so I've been regularly staying in hostels and airbnbs). I arrogantly set out on a 17km stint of the trail, underequipped and blindly accepting the weather forecasts…

Hoy acompaño con amor, escucho con atención y sirvo con alegría a todos los seres que encuentre en mi camino, me declaro un ser de paz que ama y respeta las

A wolf searching for his home. Where do I belong? Where is my family? Oh wait I left my family to become the Alfa male of my own pack. Oh wait Im not a male. Im actually a female. With 2 Cubs and a husband. I am the lookout and he is the hunter. We survive together. And we are recruiting new members. We dont discriminate. We even have a few armadillos. So join to be part of this great opportunity to overthrow every single ecosystem you have ever learned about. Once in a lifetime chance...

She could feel her blood pulsing through her veins. Her heightened senses had turned inward and all she knew was this moment and what he was doing to her. She held him tightly, wishing she could pull him inside of her. Pull her inside of him. Something. Someplace where the unrelenting tug and pull between them could finally end. Drip, drip—that was the sound of her heart bleeding all over his feet. #loveandmonsters #oliviastocum author @ www.oliviastocum.com #werewolves #LotharDanielle

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