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Style: Louise Brooks, Ziegfeld Follies Girl, circa 1927. - Litbloc

Paul Auster, mi escritor de cabecera. Durante años leí frenéticamente y con ansia varias novelas suyas. Da igual la temática que tratara, todos me gustaban por igual. El escritor norteamericano me fascinó en su momento por su facilidad para crear atmósferas mágicas y personajes reales como la vida misma. Brooklyn Follies y Leviatán fueron los primeros libros que conocí de Auster con las reseñas aparecidas en varios blogs literarios (entre ellos Libros y Literatura), cuando yo...

23 Things Standing Between You And True Love With Your Crush

The only person you have an easy repartee with is not actually a person, but a cat. | 23 Things Standing Between You And True Love With Your Crush

Clackers - these were a toy with hard plastic balls (I remember the glass ones!) that a child would swing together to make a loud noise. Eventually they'd chip or even shatter and kids got bruises from having these things hit their arms. They were recalled from the market due to injuries. Who thought that this would be a good toy for children?

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February 14Tth 2008 ''... My third problem concerns the concept of “evil” itself. Modern secular society has long been uncomfortable with the idea of “evil.” We prefer more rationalistic and legal definitions of good and bad, right and wrong, crime and punishment. But in recent years the word has crept slowly back into moral and even political discourse.5 However, now that the concept of “evil” has reentered our public language we don’t know what to do with it. We have become confused. On…

Portrait of Jane Avril, There was a relationship between Toulouse-Lautrec and Jane Avril. Their relationship was complex.The pair seemed to be drawn together as they both lived on the outskirts of society; Toulouse-Lautrec was on the edge due to his physical disability while Avril suffered from a psychological disorder.

June Allyson, Joan collins, Dolores Gray, Ann Sheridan, Ann Miller, Joan Blondell, Agnes Moorehead and Charlotte Greenwood, leaning between scenes of "The opposite Sex"

15 Ultrasounds And What They Really Look Like…

15 Ultrasounds And What They Really Look Like…