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Presentación del proyecto en enero del 2014

Singularity: The robots are coming to steal our jobs

"Some people ask, 'How do you sleep at night knowing the prospects for artificial intelligence?' but it isn't artificial intelligence that keeps me awake at night, it is human stupidity". Neil Jacobstein

Visceral fat grows by 8.6% in 6 months; taking a 30 minute brisk walk six times a week will stop the accumulation of visceral fat; jogging 3 miles a day (every day) will decrease visceral fat by 6.9% in 6 months (and subcutaneous fat by 7%).

Fact or Fiction: When It Comes to Intelligence, Does Brain Size Matter? - Scientific American (My takeaway - we still don't know that much about brains.)

Why you're still fat.

Why you’re still fat. This is a considerate, helpful, sensitive article. I'm recommending it as someone for whom it was written.

Three Fave Ways to Lose T-Day Weight & Look Your Best for Holiday Party Season

My Three New Fave Ways to Lose T-Day Weight and Look Your Best for Holiday Party Season

Tachycardia refers to an abnormally fast resting heart rate - usually at least 100 beats per minute. Read our article to learn about the causes, symptoms and treatments.

Slap 20% tax on sugary drinks to fight obesity, doctors demand

Sweet tooth: This graphic shows how many teaspoons of sugar are in each of the fizzy drinks and sugar-laden juices above. Doctors will today demand that sugary drinks be taxed at 20 per cent to tackle the obesity crisis

ASCO Unveils Decision Support System

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There are the occasions that men—intellectual men,clever men, engaged men-insist on playing devil's advocate, desirous of a debate on some aspect of feminist theory or reproductive rights or some other subject generally filed under the heading: Women's Issues. [...] Why do you have to take this stuff so personally? ask the intellectual, clever, and engaged men, who have never considered that the content of the abstract exercise that's so much fun for them is the stuff of my life. -Melissa…