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by Shalak in São Paulo, 2015 (LP)

IRVING CANO & CIX FESTIVAL CONSTRUCTOR Av. Chapultepec #68 con río de la…

Street Artist Jimmy C's painting in Birmingham's City of Colours Festival 2014.

Farid Rueda (2015) - Querétaro (Mexico)

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Eduardo Kobra (2015) - Papeete, Tahiti (French Polynesia)

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Based in Melbourne, Adnate has evolved from his roots in graffiti art to become one of the world’s foremost large-scale portrait artists. Heavily influenced by renaissance painters like Caravaggio, he utilizes spray paint to carry his realist style into what many would regard as the fine art realm. #Melbourne #Adnate #graffitiart #portraitartists #renaissance #spraypaint #streetart #artworks #streetartists #murals #allpublicart

Streetart by Eduardo Kobra

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