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Kendo significa “camino del sable”.

Kabuto, a traditional Japanese helmet used by ancient warriors. The kabuto is also an important part of samurai armor and equipment. ´・ᴗ・`✧ ♥ ♥

Wood Katana Tut.-Sageo Knot by ~piratecaptain on deviantART

Wood Katana Tut.-Sageo Knot by ~piratecaptain on deviantART

Double steel triple turned hand carved steel and titanium Katana by Horimoto Kyiadi - cost 50,000 USD - one day this will sit nicely in a display case in my sword room :)

Various types of martial arts. Only done karate and kickboxing, though I have dabbled in some others. Would love to do kung fu.

Plat Mesa de centro de Kendo Mobiliario | Mesas de centro

The 'sageo' is the cord used to secure the saya (scabbard) of the katana to the obi (belt) of the samurai. Whenever the sword was utilized for display, presentation, or otherwise removed and placed on a stand, it was a matter of etiquette to tie the sageo in a manner that prevented it from loosely hanging from the saya onto the floor or otherwise. As is common with Japan, this seemingly simple act developed into its own art form.

The word Samurai is taken from a phrase meaning "to serve". And thus a Samurai's life was one of service to his master, his community and the code of his order. At any given time the Samurai's nature was to be both infinitely compassionate and dangerous at all given times.