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military sexual trauma infographic

Explaining Agile

Graphic by Lynne Cazaly reproduced with permission


How To Change A Habit - Note: There is no consensus on how long it really takes for anyone to create new habits. But, you can expect it to take longer with ADHD in the mix.

Agile Authors: An author's guide to agile methods in a virtual world by Thomas P Wise - Every accomplished author is a businessperson, a marketing agent, a sales person, a reader, an editor, and a part of a larger network of professionals developing and promoting a message designed to affect the virtual world in which we live. Whether writing fiction or non-fiction, authors need a peer group that is ready and able to assist…

There are only two hard things in Computer Science: cache invalidation and naming things. -- Phil Karlton

Agile engineering and collaboration culture at Spotify

Agile engineering and collaboration culture at Spotify | Technology One Unplugged.

3 Rules Every Entrepreneur Should Live By

Lean vs. Agile! Aim to built the Right thing