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Recently I was reading an article on AltHealthWorks.com about a fake rice being produced in China. The rice is being made out of plastic ...

Bright yellow/orange, incredibly tasty and even used to treat a myriad of health problems; turmeric is a spice you definitely want to keep in your pantry. However, a relationship between turmeric and lead poisoning has been brought into the light! Yes, that’s right you read it correctly! Lead poisoning is being associated with turmeric consumption... View Article


ΛΕΥΚΑ ΔΟΝΤΙΑ με δύο υλικά

This Lump of Coal Rice Krispie Treats Recipe is fun to make and receive around Christmas! Oreos and food coloring help these treats look just like coal!

Reindeer Rice Krispies - the cutest treat you will see all Christmas season. Make this recipe and deliver them to family and friends!

Make vitamin K2. You can boost the K2 content of fermented foods by making them yourself, using a starter culture specifically designed to optimize K2. My research team found that we could get 400 to 500 mcgs of vitamin K2 in a two-ounce serving of fermented vegetables using a starter culture, which is a clinically therapeutic dose.

Coconut Lovers be warned, this rice krispy treat is going to star in your food daydreams for years to come. I adore coconut and I also LOVE a great rice krispy treat, so this combination is pretty much...

I have been making this CILANTRO LIME RICE for about a million years. It’s just like the one from Cafe Rio and we absolutely love it. It is my go-to rice recipe, besides our beloved Mexican Rice, that I make any time we’re whipping up some Mexican food. Especially, on taco night. Kallen’s been... Read More »

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