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Con pintura de jarabe de maíz (no tóxicas)

half shaving cream and half elmers glue. dries puffy.

Q-tip painting templates (printables) GREAT fine motor skills exercise.....that they think is just fun. Looks like a reinforcement activity for artic practice. Also a great way to encourage communication with aug. comm boards.

weaving with plate / getting started

Black Glue and Watercolor. Add black acrylic paint to regular school glue. Draw outline in pencil and trace with the black glue or have kids free draw a picture. Let glue dry completely (overnight). Paint picture with watercolor paint.

Raised Salt Painting

Raised Salt Painting! You need table salt, white glue, watercolors and thick paper then have fun!!

Divertida manualidad de monstruos en piedras.

Preparar mandalas llenas de color, una actividad perfecta para los niños

Mandalas para niños | Aprender manualidades es