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Family life frozen in time: Eerie images of the abandoned farm houses where even the beds are still made

Niki Feijen, Disciple of Decay. Former splendour: Sunlight beaming through holes in the roof highlights the faded grandeur of this dilapidated building

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9 Photos of Abandoned Cities

This house has been abandoned for decades and is filled with treasures, from WW2 ID cards to magazines dating back to the queens coronation. Its like the occupant just left. Even the clock worked and the time was right

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Haunting photos of abandoned mansions where time stands still

Crumbling beauty: Even though Feijen's interiors are being eaten away by time itself, much architectural and aesthetic beauty remains

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8 Abandoned Hospitals, Hotels & Schools - Urban Ghosts

The Lillesden School for Girls (formerly Lillesden Estate Mansion) built in 1855 by Banker Edward Lloyd and closed in 1999.

a collection from an amazing photographer who photographs old abandoned buildings. These images are beautiful in a unique an creepy way. These images allow us to explore the building without ever having to leave our own homes.

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Haunting photos of abandoned mansions where time stands still

Sacred spaces: Feijen's ideal shooting locations are ghost towns, insane asylums, dilapidated churches and castles frozen in time

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The ghost subway station of New York: Exquisite picture show an abandoned terminus that's a miniature Grand Central

Abandoned: City Hall station was unexpectedly closed to the public a mere 41 years after it opened its doors in 1904