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Científicos logran crear células madre embrionarias con impresoras 3D y abren una nueva puerta al mundo de los transplantes

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Researchers create 'programmable' stem cells through stress

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Cornell scientists 3D print ears with help from rat tails and cow ears - Science! A team of bioengineers and physicians over at Cornell University recently detailed their work to 3D print lifelike ears that may be used to treat birth defects like microtia and assist those who have lost or damaged an ear due to an accident or cancer. The product, which is,... -

Inhabitat's Week in Green: LED wine sellar, a 'Breathing Bike' and 3D-printed embryonic stem cells - For years, the potential of 3D printing has made tech geeks drool, but now were finally starting to see the technology graduate from a mere novelty into a highly useful tool. Take, for example, the story of the 5-year-old boy who was born without fingers on his right hand but recently... -

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Microscopic gold tubes can both detect and destroy cancer cells

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Researchers create spinal cord connectors from human stem cells, heralding breakthrough

"El estilo de aprendizaje es la manera en la que un aprendiz comienza a concentrarse sobre una información nueva y difícil, la trata y la retiene" Dunn et Dunn, (1985)" El conocimiento del modo en el que nuestros alumnos adquieren y procesan la información es una pieza clave en el despliegue adecuado

Palm Top Theater turns your iPhone into a mini-3D display - Peppers ghost isnt the sort of phrase you hear very often at a show like SXSW. In amongst all the latest generation technology, there arent too many folks discussing hundreds years old optical concepts. But the the ideas a driving force in the Palm Top... -

Researchers at Columbia University Medical Center have transformed human stem cells into functional lung cells, paving the way for ultimately creating bioengineered lungs using the patient's own cells. The breakthrough could lead to find new treatments for lung diseases and more.

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Scientists have used steroids to enhance the performance of stem cells (Photo: Shuttersto...