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Desarrollan un exoesqueleto robótico que permite aumentar la fuerza humana |
Prótesis robótica con músculos artificiales para rehabilitación de pie y tobillo — Noticias de la Ciencia y la Tecnología (Amazings®  / NCYT...
Soft exoskeleton could be the future of artificial muscles
Robots en la Feria de Hannover
In this research, a hydraulically-powered artificial McKibben type muscle has been developed and improved. It is applied to Artificial Muscle Spreader(AMS) using the high hydraulic pressure for the rescue operation support. The artificial muscle, consisting of high strength PBO fiber and special plugs for high pressure, generates the contractile force of 28kN (6.3T ~ 6,306.3 lbs.) when hydraulic pressure of 4MPa is applied!!
Revolutionary: The soft robotic exoskeleton suit being developed at Harvard University's Wyss Institute

Creating the super soldier: Robotic exoskeleton - that is so soft and light it pulls on like a pair of trousers - could one day give troops superhuman strength

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