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Roman sarcophagus,(2nd/3rd century AD) Alcazar de los Reyes Cristianos, Cordoba

Sarcophagus, a 2nd century marble Roman sarcophagus from Ambararasi (Konya) Turkey. Istanbul Archaeology Museum

This relief sculpture shows a Roman shop, with customers buying pillows.

Funerary carved marble urn for ashes is covered with images of rebirth (garlands & fruit) and death (harpies on front corners). Inscribed D. Aemilius Chius and Hortensia Phoebe, freed persons, it would have sat in a niche in a tomb. Roman 1st century CE. CIL 6.11033 Institute of Arts in Minneapolis.

3rd Century Roman sarcophagus of Pamphylia at Archaeology Museum of Konya.

Cinerary urn of Marcus Ulpius Floridus with a scene of the Persephone’s abduction. Marble. Early 2nd cent. CE. Rome (?). Inv. No. Com. 515. Perugia, National Archaeological Museum of Umbria.

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T. Statilius Aper's ara with writing tools Funerary monument and ornaments Hadrianic period (117-138 AD) Marble T. Statilius Aper's ara with writing tools

Three late roman provincial limestone reliefs depicting a male bust and two panthers. 3rd / 4th century A.D

A Cutler's Shop, Relief, Roman, 2nd century (stone). Museo della Civilta Romana, Rome, Italy / Roger-Viollet, Paris

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