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Todos estaremos de acuerdo que los atascos son un aburrimiento y una pérdida de tiempo que nos condicionan nuestra vida y todos estaríamos más contentos si los

I have to say right up front that I ran out of time, and would have liked to make this better. But it was either work on this, or go to my daughter's fifth birthday party. So.... yeah. Anyway, this was for the MocAthalon, for the Vanishing Eden category about endangered animals. I tried to make a poky little squished hedgehog in the road. Poor guy. Here's the original commentary: ---------------------------------------------------------- Hedgehogs have recently been listed a...

We host commentary on the Great War, especially its literature, performing, and fine arts, with remarkable images from the past and present.

The new Exocet Off Road is not your hairdresser’s MX-5 Built from a Mazda Miata donor vehicle, the new off-road version of the popular Exocet kit car is part dune buggy, part zombie apocalypse...

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The road less traveled. This person's commentary under this quote/picture post is AMAZING and so inspiring!!!

Quilt Snips Mini Tutorial: Missouri Roads

Momma Bear checking for traffic before letting her Cubs cross the road.

Of rabbit trails & roads less travelled...I was going to journal in Eph 1 today God's whispers to my heart in a devotion on chosen-ness, but alas I'd already journaled in the margins on that page so I followed a sub reference in Isa 42 & then opened a commentary to confirm the exegesis...& God met me there💝....this was the result with thots on chosen-ness noted on the back of my 'blessed assurance' insert so as to always remember☺️ #illustratedfaith #biblejournaling #grateful #blessed

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