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Not just discovering, but finally using them and realizing how much easier life would have been to have had them all along.

left handed Hopkins .. bahaha us all the time!

I'm a Lefty | Unisex T-Shirt

I'm a Lefty tshirt

These confused me for the longest time..and I still struggle...

KEEP CALM AND BE A LEFTY...and cut the cord...ha, ha, ha

It's a left-handed thing... You wouldn't understand

everyday is full of tricky gets tiring and is stressful (tho' we are usually not aware of it because we've had to deal with it ALL our lives). i'm slowly buying left handed items. scissors, can opener, spatulas, wooden spoons, (spatulas and spoons that are slanted; if not slanted for a lefty, well damn, no wonder i could never flip an egg without breaking it).