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Fotoperiodistas de guerra en México

Crueles historias que sólo pueden ser contadas por los fotógrafos de guerra en México.

The slaughter of Mexcan mayor's entire family turns town into war zone

Very few murders are ever solved by Mexican law enforcement. Statistics aren't easily available and victims are often difficult to identify because they have been severely tortured before being killed

31 fotografías interesantes de nuestra historia

Te compartimos 31 fotografías de este mundo que brillan por su curiosidad.

Reminiscencias de la Guerra

imágenes que muestran los sometimientos a judíos dentro durante la Segunda Guerra Mundial, entre éstas figura Elie Wiesel,ganador del Premio Nobel de la Paz

Borderland Beat: “We Became War Photographers Without Ever Having Gone To Syria”

La historia del tatuaje en increíbles fotos

La historia del tatuaje en increíbles fotos | Swagger

Aylan's body is among powerful photos that have changed history

April 1945: Fritz Klein, a Nazi camp doctor who conducted medical experiments on prisoners during the Holocaust, stands among corpses in a mass grave after the liberation of Bergen-Belsen, Germany. Of the 38,500 inmates found barely alive after liberation, about 28,000 subsequently died. Watched by British soldiers, Klein is pictured here being forced to bury the dead. Bergen-Belsen was the first Nazi camp to be liberated - first visual evidence of the horrors of the Holocaust

'The Lion King' Karen Elson & Edie Campbell by Tim Walker For Love No.10