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He leído las palabras que aquel día grabaste en unas hojas frente a un río. Dejaste atrás la puerta de madera tan gruesa como el cosmos, subiste los peldaños de la entrada y encaraste el ascenso de su Torre. Pasaste dentro, te sorprendió el aire acristalado, llenos tus ojos blancos del rumor de la hierba brotando en cada piedra. (Azautre)

During the Second World War, a shortage of postcards and envelopes on the front meant that Russian soldiers developed their own self-contained triangular letter. They were never sealed, as they had to pass through censors before being delivered to their destination.

❧ Lettres et cartes postales ❧

Letters from World War ll. This will always be more romantic than emails or text messages.

Love Letters of WWI

1862 civil war era soldier letter datelined camp ruth nidell western virginia

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"The letters of Yakov Lazirovich Ashurov from Azerbaijan. He was born in Baku in 1924, joined up at the age of seventeen, was killed at Stalingrad in 1942. His letters to his parents survived in the Iranian Tat (Juhuri) language, related to Persian and Kurdish, of the Caucasian Mountain Jews as well as in biblical Hebrew." (This is the way the Soviets always folded their mail. rw)

skeleton verdun world war 1 | Gas Mask Soldier

My finished painted postcards of love letters from World War II.

::::::::: Vintage Photograph ::::::::: Photograph of a Royal Mail Man and his trusted assistant :)