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4th century Mexico or Guatemala; Maya/Perhaps the depiction of a fourth-century Maya king, this incense burner would have been used to make offerings carried by smoke to the spirits and deities in the supernatural realm. Rulers are represented in Maya art as communicators with the supernatural and the living may have sought their continued intervention after death.

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Colombia Quimbaya Shaman Figure Pendant in Gold. This and more important tribal art for sale on

Sarcophagus lid of Mayan King Pacal, Palenque. Rumored source of inspiration for "Alien instructed civilization" band name "Stone Temple Pilots"... can't you see Pacal is in a reclined commander's seat?

Joseph Zobel One of the neglected great Authors of the Caribbean, I would dearly love for you to try at least one of his books.

Juego de pelota en el parque arqueológico Tikal (Guatemala)