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En el este blog camino la experiencia de haber sido aceptado el martes para dar unas clases particulares y hoy el haber conocido que ya no...

Memoir Study and Writing Unit: 10-Day Common Core Aligned Memoir Writing Unit

This incredibly popular writing unit guides students through a study of mentor texts before they write their own memoirs. Filled with engaging ways for students to develop topic ideas, detailed planning pages, revision mini-lessons, and editing checklists, this resource includes everything students (and teachers) need!

Allowing yourself to change is metamorphosis at its finest. We are human beings this is just how we operate. Our whole world is premised upon change and yet we navigate the process as though we should feel shameful for engaging in it. Even at our cores on a scientific level our cells regenerates so that every 7 years we are complied of all brand new ones. Our bodies hair style words thoughts and ideas are all constantly able to undergo change. This is all part of the main goal: finding out…

Tyra Banks on Fertility Struggles: "You Don't Know What I'm Going Through" | It's so hard. And then you have "friends" who know your struggle and NEVER even ask how are you? So thankful for those who may not understand but still include me in their life.

Shifting our view of our daily do's can bring a level of passion to our lives we may not have realized. (Note for Me: My word is "Together")

Hoy quería empezar contándoles un poco mi experiencia personal con el maravilloso mundo del maquillaje y lo que poco a poco fui descubriendo durante mi capacitación en maquillaje profesional. Antes…

289: The Power of the Group in Child Development

276. Why Do We LOVE FREE Stuff?

276. Why Do We LOVE FREE Stuff?

"However, in an Equal Money Capitalism where the Humans understand their Collective Responsibility for the better Life of ALL - the first step is to Investigate Solutions to Restore the Sea Level. We must Internalize that it was Humans who Created the Problem with the Aral sea, it must be Humans to find a solution to Undo/Correct the Problem and so, Prevent Future devastating Consequences."