Saw this on Facebook. Dip waffle cones in chocolate add fruit, then make your favorite fruit dip. Fun way to serve fruit at get together's.

Healthy study snacks

Cool idea! It looks good too! Cut a watermelon in half than use one half and take out all the red part and take the other part and cut little cubes out of it. Than cut up pineapple, cantaloupe, watermelon, purple grapes, green grapes and strawberries and put them in the watermelon.

Skinny Avocado Pizza

This creamy chicken avocado salad sandwich is so packed with yummy flavor you would never guess it's actually healthy!

Con un cuchillo y paciencia puedes crear asombrosas figuras a partir de frutas…

Frogs: fruit filled watermelon frog, chocolate covered Oreo frogs, chicken salad lily pads and pond punch.

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