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21 Cute But Vaguely Unsettling Animal Mashups


Artificial jellyfish pumps like a heart

Scientists at Harvard University and Caltech have engineered an artificial jellyfish, shown here 'swimming' in a container of ocean-like salt water, using rat heart cells and silicone. The color and contrast in the image have been digitally enhanced.

Jag vet inte exakt vad detta föreställer, öppen för förslag.

DNA-based Data Storage: Researchers at Harvard University encoded 5.2 million bits of digital data in strings of DNA. Study released 1/23/2013 in Nature. Encoded a color photo, part of the "I Have a Dream" speech, and all 154 of Shakespeare's known sonnets.

The world of epigenetics—where molecular 'switches' attached to DNA turn genes on and off—has just got bigger with the discovery by a team of scientists from the University of Cambridge of a new type of epigenetic modification.

The zebra, named Zoe, is real and she indeed has gold coloured stripes and blue eyes. However, the image has been digitally enhanced to increase the intensity of her golden stripes. Zoe lives at the Three Ring Ranch animal sanctuary in Hawaii. She has a condition called amelanosis, which is the cause of her striking appearance.

Fake - "Mutation" contest entry on FreakingNews - The real image is on the right.

Art-Sci: Wicked Photoshopped Animal Hybrids -- I feel like this is more of a "hmm" than a "ha".