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#Schrodinger's Cat Uno nö puede saber si el gato está vivo o muerto antes de abrir la caja.

This amazing math video is about the numbers of nature, featuring Fibonacci numbers, golden spirals, interesting shapes, and mathematical formulas that appear in natural objects such as flowers and shells. They come together in an inspirational video that shows just how beautiful mathematics can be.

Coming to an Atomic Theater Near You: The World's Smallest Movie. IBM has created "A Boy And His Atom," a movie made by moving one atom at a time. The stick character in the 242-frame video has been magnified 100 million times by an IBM scanning tunneling microscope, a two-ton gizmo which runs at temperatures down to minus 268 degrees Celsius. That's cold enough to make even atoms slow down a little. It may not win an Oscar, but it's not an atomic "bomb" either. - Absolutely incredible!

Listen to Stephen Hawking cover Monty Python’s Galaxy Song | Music | The Guardian


The Earth as seen from Mars

Y así es como se nos ve desde Marte... Que pequeños que somos y que grandes nos…

de Society6

We're All Mad Here Art Print by Greckler

"Nós somos todos loucos por aqui"

THE SAGAN SERIES (part 1) - The Frontier Is Everywhere - One of my all time favorite videos. I highly recommend this and the entire Sagan Series by Reid Gower.