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Hemos tenido visita de @electromaps esta mañana. Como no podía ser de otra forma ha llegado en su moto eléctrica! #motoeléctrica #moto #brammo #empulse #ve #igersbarcelona #startup #vehiculoelectrico #sostenibilidad#smartdriving#electriccar#electricmotorcycle#electricvehicle#electric by drivejoy_es

Last night was shaping up to be a bit dull around these parts which I quickly remedied while in the process of making my would-be quiet dinner at home by slicing the width of my left middle finger open. . (Don't worry this isn't about MY finger or sympathy for it but about YOURS.) . See when a congenial man named Travis did my ER intake he inquired as to the cause of the injury to which I reported that I had been making dinner. "Avocado?" He said. I nodded. He proceeded without looking…

Colorful Smoke in European Landscapes SILENCE / SHAPES is an ongoing series that Italian photographer Filippo Minelli started in 2009 in many places of Europe. His ambition was to give a material shape to the abstract concept thats silence. For this he chose the medium of smokebombs that he uses in different vivid colors. These bombs represent an echoing silence in the middle of a quiet and beautiful nature. #xemtvhay

Colorful Smoke in European Landscapes

The billionaire, who had dialed back his giving, has committed more than $25 million to supporting Hillary Clinton and other Democratic candidates and causes.

With adjustable air chambers to customize your comfort, whisper-quiet control with wireless remotes, and a base that can lift and lower on command, the Sleep Number(R) bed couldn't possibly get any better, right? Yes, it can get even better! Here's what's new and exciting about the fully featured Ultimate Euro Top Adjustable Mattress:<br><br>It combines two best-selling features: a comfortable fiberfill with DryRest(TM) technology and moisture-wicking Spacer Knit technology, a fabric that is…

Victorian Vintage Inspired Engagement Ring | Vintage Engagement Ring | Tiara I

When I'm not doing freelance writing work for clients or being a mom to two kids, I'm writing a book about joy. I've been quietly working on it for a while, keeping it to myself — mostly writing in

Abstract Smoke Forms Reveal Nature’s Unseen and Quiet Beauty in European Landscapes Italian photographer Filippo Minelli explores the dynamic silent beauty of nature in series “Silence/Shapes.” He expresses its essence and spirit through the medium of smoke bombs to communicate nature’s visibility through an abstract form. Minelli asserted said conceptual thought in a series of landscape sceneries in Europe. He glamorizes abandoned European landscapes with a set of vibrant colors, which…

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