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I Take Magic Mushrooms Regularly — But Not To Get High


TED Talk: I Drank Ayahuasca, and Then This Happened…. by Amber Lyon "In this TED talk, Adam Oliver Brown describes his experience with Ayahuasca while filming an episode of The Nature Of Things on Ayahuasca’s promising ability to help people overcome addiction. Brown goes into intense detail about his journey while on the powerful Amazonian psychedelic medicine and calls the experience the “most terrifying and most exciting event of my life to date.”

MICRODOSING MUSHROOMS : The Benefits of Microdosing Psilocybin! - YouTube

Microdosing: A New, Low-Key Way to Use Psychedelics | Alternet

The benefits of microdosing psilocybin and LSD

'Microdosing' Psychedelic Drugs Has Positive Effects

Microdosing can improve your cognitive functioning, body awareness and spiritual evolution.

de The 3rd Wave

Everything You Want to Know About Microdosing

The Ultimate Guide to Microdosing Infographic!

Benefits Of Microdosing With LSD And Psilocybin Mushrooms