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Simple Chore Jars for Kids


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Summer-time (or any time off from school) can turn into lazy-time if we aren’t careful (by “we”… I mean the parents). It can be easy for us, as parents, to just let our kids lounge around and hop online or turn on the TV when they are bored, but my husband and I really try to keep a limit on those things. That is where our home rules come into play.

Kids always asking for money? Try this chore chart instead! So smart!

Yo para aydar a mi cumunidad yo también ayudo a mi mamá con los quehacers cotidianos. Yo he barrido el piso y lavo los platos todos lao días.

25 Things to Do With Kids on a Rainy Day on

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Printable Kid Coupons

Printable kid coupons to use as stocking stuffers, rewards or small gifts for your kids. Easy, inexpensive gift idea for children.

I hate when parents only yell at their kids for what they do wrong. I discourage yelling in our home. Kids listen better to talking it out. Praising them for what they do well is just as important. I can't image how some kids home lives can be. I'm so glad we get to be my boys parent's. They won't grow up in a home filled with arguing.

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Busy Mom's Guide to Teaching Your Children Manners

FREE PRINTABLE: Have you ever wondered how some children act one way in public while others act a completely different way? This busy mom's guide to teaching your children manners is for you! Learn practical skills to teaching your children manners, what the manners are, and why they are important in this guide. Need help remembering? Get this free printable to help you stay on course!