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Erupción de Volcán Turrialba

Colorido Quetzal - Quetzal se considera sagrado en las culturas azteca y maya. Durante la temporada de apareamiento, el macho crece azules y verdes plumas de doble cola de tres pies de largo; estas plumas de la cola fueron usados ceremonialmente por los gobernantes y sacerdotes Mesoamericano.

Diseño de casas con contenedores [construcción] | Construye Hogar

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llll➤ Get insights about the ✓ best rated projects ✓ best month to travel ✓ living costs and important precautions as a volunteer in Costa Rica.

I recently ventured to Costa Rica to co-host a health retreat (read all about the adventures here). My responsibilities included designing the meal plan, teaching yoga and some mini nutrition workshops. When designing the holistic meal plan I really had to consider three very important factors:

USA to host key World Cup qualifier at San Jose Chicago (AFP) San Jose was named Sunday by the US Soccer Federation as the site of a crucial World Cup qualifier for the bottom-table Americans against Honduras on March 24. The US squad opened with a 2-1 home loss to Mexico and a 4-0 drubbing at Costa Rica last November prompting the firing of coach Jurgen Klinsmann and the hiring of Bruce Arena as his replacement. It will be the first qualifier in this stint as coach for Arena 65 who…

Three-toed Sloth nourishing a tree, Costa Rica – Photo by Kevin Schafer @schaferpho @natgeo. Sometimes witnessing a rare – or particularly bizarre -- natural event can cloud a person’s judgment. How else can I justify my irrational excitement at stumbling onto a wild three-toed sloth going to the toilet? Let me explain. Sloths are residents of the rain forest canopy, where they while away their slow-paced lives feeding on an endless banquet of leaves. Leaves, however, are not the most…

Found this guy at Laguna Del Lagarto Lodge, Boca Tapada, Costa Rica. The green honeycreeper is a small bird in the tanager family (Thraupidae). It is found in the tropical New World from southern Mexico south to Brazil, and on Trinidad. It is the only member of the genus Chlorophanes. The green honeycreeper is a forest canopy species. It is less heavily dependent on nectar than the other honeycreepers, fruit being its main food (60%), with nectar (20%) and insects (15%) as less important…

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