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Por primera vez mujeres piloto aterrizan en Arabia Saudita

During WWII 168 female pilots fought against all the odds for the right to aid the war effort. They were expected to fly wherever the need was greatest , in whatever aircraft was required - one in 10 women pilots died flying for the ATA. Their story is one of courage, sexism, patriotism but above all, a story about women who wanted to break the confines of the world they lived in - and reach for the skies ~

Mujeres poetisas, su difícil camino en el arte de la Literatura, donde una vez se nos ha invisibilizado.

Dr. Patricia Bath, oftalmólogo, inventó un dispositivo láser para eliminar las cataratas. Ella es la primera mujer afroamericana en obtener una patente médica.

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Ida B. Wells was an African American journalist, newspaper editor and an early leader in the civil rights movement. She documented lynching in the United States, showing how it was often a way to control or punish blacks who competed with whites. She was active in the women's rights and the women's suffrage movement.

10 African American Women Who Changed the World

Türk yıldızları ilk kadın pilot. First woman pilot of Turkish Stars. Turkish Air Force

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