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#yestoProp37 #noGMO #OccupyMonsanto

Unacceptable. We must starting calling our Government out on these conflicts of interest if we want to free our food.

Do your research,Zika has always been around,now they are making a vaccine? More money for the pharmaceutical companies don't be scared ,research it don't fall for the media hype.

La #adopción no debería ser mas costosa que el #Aborto

7/8/16 - Exactly, distracting everone from killery also...Trump is going to crush that bitch on a scale that will make Reagan's landslide over the other worst President look like a close race!!!

I tell you what to think. Turn me off. WAKE UP, World!! Get over yourselves and get out of denial. Some of us are beginning to look so pathetic. Really?

Drugs are big business in this country, and Dr. Sebi was pushing a healthy lifestyle that moved people toward better eating and, in turn, less medication. http://www.theroot.com/articles/culture/2016/08/5-mysteries-surrounding-the-life-and-death-of-dr-sebi/

Don't allow the government to bully you. And profit off curable diseases.

Watching the Baltimore riots... I can't be the only one. LouderWithCrowder.com

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