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La Llorona. The Crying Woman is the inspiration for the Columbio-Tortugan goddess of death and children. The Mexican answer to Bloody Mary, this ghostly woman wanders by rivers, seeking the children she drowned in a fit of madness after being rejected by the man she loved. Legend has it, she steals children she thinks to be hers and then drowns them when they aren't. Parents of Mexican ancestry use her as a sort of boogieman threat, telling naughty children that La Llorona will come for…

Fall Deep with Marjolein Caljouw: 4e0ea64c25b027deedfa077d3af9ae2c.jpg

LITHOBATES / made with drawing ink on smooth surface Fabriano® paper / 35 x 50 cm Bestiario / Solo Exhibition by Tavo Montañez

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The Black Dog is a malevolent spirit that appears as a huge coal-black dog, with eyes that glow red in the darkness of the night. It is a harbinger of death, as those who are unfortunate enough to see the creature usually meet misfortune or death soon after. The Black Dog is known throughout Europe, and is known by a great many names. Among these are Black Shuck (the most common name),

In Russian folklore there are many stories of Baba Yaga, the fearsome witch with iron teeth.

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