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Peace and many blessings unto you, precious one! The good (and mysterious) people at Egyptian Magic are honored and grateful to be of service to you. Their unique blend of all-natural ingredients, derived only from living plants and organisms, ensure a true all-purpose product. Egyptian Magic is beloved for its wondrous benefits to skin and hair alike! Ingredients: Honey, beeswax, olive oil, royal jelly, bee pollen and bee propolis

The Divine Mother | Romancing the Bee The Sumerian stele below depicts the worship of the Mother Goddess in the form of a Queen Bee or Bee Goddess surrounded by her followers – the Bee Priestesses. Sumerian physicians considered honey to be a unique and vital medicinal drug. It has been suggested that the Sumerians invented Apitherapy, or the medical use of Honey Bee products such as honey, pollen, royal jelly, propolis and bee venom.

♥Special discount! The cheapest price!♥ Let's Cure Honeybunny Propolis 40 Ampoule -This is the most detailed benefits of this amazing magic cream. ✨ (Divine Love) for yourself and your loved one. Winter time skin savior. 100% NATURAL INGREDIENTS “The People’s Choice” is made with the blessings and guidance of our ancestors and with the following pure ingredients: Olive Oil, Bees Wax, Honey, Bee Pollen, Royal Jelly, Bee Propolis & Divine Love.

Starting from propolis scraped off of the hives: Tear them into small pieces if the propolis was kept in a ball (or keep it as small particles if they were harvested that way), and wrap them...

So {grateful} for these oils today. Blessed relief within just a few minutes. You know I had this going in multiple rooms I probably went overboard on the number of drops, but I was pretty desperate You can play with the ratios and see what works best for you! It smells heavenly too - clean, bright, and soothing all at once. 6 drops Breathe 3 drops Lavender .....

How to Make Pollen Patties (Beekeeping)

Polish Christmas Epiphany Blessing Kit. Celebrate the Polish Catholic Epiphany Tradition with this wooden Polish Blessing Kit. The set SHOWN ABOVE includes: 1 crucifix, 2 candles w/ candle holders, 1 holy water basin and 1 sprinkler (kropidło). Metal & Wood Crucifix: 4.0"L x 8.75"H Candles: 1.2" Dia x 2.0"H, Wooden Candle holders: 2.25"L x 2.25" W x 1.5" H, Wooden Holy Water Basin: 3.9" Dia x 0.8"H Sprinkler: 7.75"L Product - Made in Poland All items are included & shipped in one box.

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