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de Curación del Alma - Emisaria del Amor y la Paz.

¿QUIEN SON LAS 144.OOO SEMILLAS ESTELARES? Cuando estos 144.000 danzantes Cristos Arco Iris despierten, podrán mandar una onda telépatica de Amor Incondicional al centro de la Tierra en el cierre del ciclo 21,12,2012 y a partir del Portal Arco iris en el Solsticio de Verano del Año 2013 (24, 25 y 26 Julio y La Puerta del Leon-Agosto) en adelante!….

esfera arcoirs

Ok...well...let's be realistic.... I'll catch up with something better somehow today...

Butterfly T-shirt ~ If you like my artwork, please visit my Zazzle store. I don't have much there, but will add more stuff if people show interest! :-)~

I search the web to find how my artwork is being used. This is one of my search results.

You Are Very Agreeable You are easy to get along with, and you pride yourself on being a good friend. You are truly interested in other people, and you love to make others happy. You notice everyone in the room. You make sure that each person is comfortable. Sometimes you have to sacrifice to keep things running smoothly, but you're more than happy to.