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El primer el quirófano inteligente de Latinoamérica fue inaugurado en Hospital de Pediatría "Juan P. Garrahan", lo que permitirá la realización de cirugías en pacientes con tumores cerebrales, malformaciones congénitas o vasculares, traumatismos de cráneo, movimientos anormales, entre otras patologías.

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In Chicago an uncovered disfigured soldier could be charged with 'being ugly on the public way'

The woman, destined to die at Chelmo, who inspired a book character

Soldier with disfiguring facial injuries wearing a mask which concealed his damaged face

A French soldier whose face was disfigured during the war wears a flesh-colored, painted mask made by Anna Coleman Ladd of the American Red Cross. 1918. American Red Cross Collection, Library of Congress Prints and Photographs Division.

Alvin York, a backwoods Tennessean who became the most highly decorated soldier…

WWI African American soldiers, c. 1916-1917. Probably the 'Harlem Hellfighters'. ~ I've never understood why black soldiers fought in the First World War but were relegated to a minor role in World War Two. They served in WWII but mostly as support and artillery not front line or paratroops.

WW1: A rather pensive British laddie caught by the photographer near Mons, undated. Trench warfare was brutal and unforgiving, Hundreds of thousands returned home with what is today identified as Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, yet the literature contains scant information about postwar psychological troubles with violent outcomes. Different times, different people.

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Badly burned ex soldier is photographed by medical authorities after the end of WW1. The horrific wounds of trench warfare gave a boost to surgical research into battlefield care of the disfigured and the maimed -- which was of great importance to the doctors but of little consolation to the sufferers.