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▶ Filtro ND Extremo "Big Stopper" - YouTube

Infrared photography. Taken with a Nikon D50 camera and Hoya R72. Panorama..

C4 director @timkemple photo // Mother nature's infinity pool... Anyone up for a dip? Landscapes play a big roll in my action photography but I've never spent much time simply shooting frames without people in them. Like actually hiking to a location just to shoot landscapes... hardly ever. So this week I set out to change that with a little post commercial project adventure to #patagonia. Now to start you need to understand that landscape photographers are a different breed up before…

Reiki energy healing sessions for adults, children and animals. A new holistic approach to balancing one's life. Reiki courses are also offered for those wishing to learn the power of Reiki.

Underworld - <a href=""> website </a> || <a href=""> facebook </a> This is one of my favorite spots on the coast, and a place I've photographed in various conditions. It's tricky to get the sky to cooperate here. Of course, you also want to avoid getting knocked down or splashed by incoming waves. So I'd recommend some microfiber cloths, a ND Grad filter and if you're going to stand this close, you might want to bring your…

Have you ever experimented with your camera’s flash settings? In this 14-lesson course by photographer Bernie Raffe AMPA, explore several ways to light photographs based on your environment. Find out about reflectors, diffused light, fill flash to manipulate light externally. And, for when all else fails, learn how to use manual settings within your camera like ISO and shutter speed to filter in the perfect amount of light.

The Ultimate Guide to Long Exposure Photography – Introduction Long exposure photography is a genre in photography that is often associated with fine art photography, due to the surreal and other worldly effects long exposure photography can bring to your photos. Of course besides that, notable fine art photographers like Michael Kenna, Michael Levin, Alexey …

The Magnificent and Unique Beauty of Nature Photography by Patrick Di Fruscia

Stone Age - Quebec, Canada This is another one of my images I took on a road trip across the beautiful province of Quebec Tech Spec: Canon 5D MK II, Nikkor 14-24 F2.8G ED,@14mm F21, 16 sec, ISO 200, Lee SW150 Holder, Lee ND Grad filters. Autres photos de Patrick Di Fruscia