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<3 Mami tu eres la Reina <3

I Love (Heart) my Dentist shirt - Soft Cotton T Shirts for Women, Men/Unisex, Kids

I <3 my Dentist

Teeth push pins... what a hoot! I love that there's a gold one in the mix ($3.75 from Uncovet).

Feliz día del Amor y la Amistad! Happy Day of Love and Friendship!

Why Craigslist is awesome: $57 tooth stool for $20. Gold spray paint? $3. Total = $23. These things apparently go for about 300 bucks on this site, PLUS mine is way cooler and looks more realistic: #tooth #teeth #grill #bling #gold #craigslist #project

Cepillate Los Dientes Bathroom Wall Art print - Spanish

To ask: How often do you brush your teeth?: Cuando te cepillas los dientes? Open your mouth: abra la boca Close: cierre la boca

Si no cuidas tu boca, te juegas tu salud.

Did you know? Roughly 4 Billion people On The planet use a mobile phone, but only around 3.5 Billion people actually use a #toothbrush #teeth #oralcare #brushing #dentist

Elementos para la higiene dental

Nunca lo olvides, es muy importante si quieres tener la mejores de tu sonrisas. Dentaltown - Participemos en Español!