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Isis and Osiris, ELLAÉL, ÉLELLA arcano XIIII TEMPERANCE amalgamar tu dispersión…

Antinous as Bacchus (Dionysus) Osiris, (colossal) Roman statue (marble), 2nd century AD, (Musei Vaticani, Vatican City).

Blog de los niños: EGIPTO: Los dioses egipcios

’Isis in Horus Shrine at Abydos’.This relief detail on the west wall of the Horus Shrine in the Seti I Temple at Abydos shows Isis wearing a crown which consists of a vulture (the goddess Nekhbet) topped by a sun disk between horns. The Horus Shrine is one of three small shrines that are located north of the Inner Osiris Hall.


Pharaoh Menkaure with Two Goddesses, Egyptian Museum, Cairo, Egypt

La Triade de Mykérinos

Everything they teach about Egypt in most schools is distorted. The people of Egypt called their country Kemet not Egypt. Kemet means black land. Egypt is a Greek concept. Egypt is derived from the Greek word Aegyptos. The greeks called the kemetians  language hieroglyphs, but the people of Kemet called their language Medu Neter. Even the names we learn of the gods are wrong.

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Osiris seated, Hathor, depicted as a cow, protecting Psammetichus and...

Stock Photo : Osiris seated, Hathor, depicted as cow, protecting Psammetichus and Isis seated wearing disc set between two cow horns, schist statue, from Saqqara, Egyptian civilization, Late Period