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Explora Tarantino Genio, Mal Vista, ¡y mucho más!

A clever little film which shows the typical filmic techniques associated with different genres. Educational and entertaining!

Watch: (part 2) Tarantino & Rodriguez Talk Filmmaking for Hour and a Half

The Vertigo Effect symbolizes to the audience what Scottie (James Stewart) is actually feeling.

"Le Miroir", un impresionante video, muy bien hecho y que muestra el paso del tiempo en una persona. Todo mirándolo en un espejo.

Do you think that Social Media makes us more lonely?▶ The Innovation of Loneliness - YouTube

Filmmaker David Lynch explains how there is an ocean of pure, vibrant consciousness at the source of each one of us and of all matter...aka the unified field.

Niño de 9 años discute sobre el significado de la vida y el universo. - YouTube

"Slide" Ads for Canal + (Canal+ )