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Lamps by David Pintor at Coroflot.com

Montmartre. Paris. Autumn 1886.Vincent Van Gogh

Couldn't be more pleased with my first try at Bermuda Blending! Plus it's a great stand for @tim_painter_foto 's awesome lamp! Thanks @ml_decor for sharing your technique and @pixiedustpaintcompany and @unicornspitstain for the wonderful products! #bermudablending #pixiedust #unicornspit #refinishedfurniture

Femme Lisant Pres de la Fenetre. Delphin Enjolras (French, Academic, 1857-1945). Oil on canvas.

Penny goes wandering at night, especially in October, because Coyote Night Singer comes in October.

Diver costume from the Triadic Ballet, 1922) Oscar Schlemmer was a German painter, sculptor, designer and choreographer associated with the Bauhaus school. In 1923 he was hired as Master of Form at the Bauhaus theatre workshop, after working some time at the workshop of sculpture. His most famous work is "Triadisches Ballett," in which the actors are transfigured from the normal to geometrical shapes.,

Pierre Auguste Rnoir: "The pain passes, but the beauty remains."

Three Women at the Table by the Lamp: 1912 August Macke German Expressionist Painter 1887 - 1914

Lamps by David Pintor at Coroflot.com

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