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Hola desde el otro lado

best of tumblr. This is an actual video that exists on YouTube, yes I watched it. Very interesting to see what happens! Hahaha

21 Cats Who Must Be Training For Something Sneaky

el gato que no se queria bañar XD.

As much as this is partly anime logic, I remember middle school/high school and their were guys that did this! They looked like 20 yr olds at age 16.

meme no me digas-vfdsvd.jpg

MORE OF WTF-FUN-FACTS are coming HERE funny and weird facts ONLY

Jajajaja que gracioso

Jajajaja que gracioso

THE HORSES FACE!!!! HAHAHA---- sorry, non fandom member. That is no horse. That is Blackjack. The bestest pegasus in the WORLD! THE UNIVERSE! ALL OF OLYMPUS AND THE UNDERWORLD COMBINED! >>>I personally like scipio better<<<I love black jack he's so funny and adorable and talks about sugar cubes and donuts all da time