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BlogBooker convierte tu blog en un libro #pdf

iPadio combines the telephone with the blog to create an audio “phonecast” which is streamed Live to the Internet. You can phonecast from any phone, anywhere in the world - no need for a computer. Phonecasts can be cross-posted to social media and blogging platforms, embedded on any number of websites, or securely integrated with corporate databases and CRM systems. Phonecasts can be converted to text, geo-located and put on a map, and either streamed live or moderated

I found this product over a year ago. It comes in yellow, green, pink, and white, on a dispenser

Community Post: You Wish Your Bar Mitzvah Was This Fabulous

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TWEETSHRINK - Exactly what the names says. This little tool shortens your tweets to fit within the 140 character limit. "The goal was really to help users who clip that max allowance without having to actively edit their tweet or changing the meaning or basic readability of the original message." Use this tool to help you or your students fine tune tweets before posting.

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Orientación a las familias y educadores

Wonderful site to chose ambient sounds to fall asleep to. I chose bonfire, rain, thunder. Pick your own!

Five reasons teachers should start a blog (if they haven't already done so!)

YouTube videos of 'obsolete objects' from various years