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Migrantes 2012 Buenos Aires,

Christian Boltanski, Migrantes, 2012. Installation in Museo Hotel de Inmigrantes, Buenos Aires

christioan boltanski - "migrantes"

Christian Boltanski, Migrantes (Foto: Cortesia Universidad Nacional de Tres de Febrero / Muntref)

Christian Boltanski (France 1944) -"Migrantes" in Museo Hotel de Inmigrantes in Buenos Aires, photo Ingrid Roddick, 2012

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Migrantes 2012 Buenos Aires,

Migrantes, 2012. Christian Boltanski

Boltansky : ''I have never used bronze or marble in my works, but always ephemeral materials that require some sort of emotional care, because works of art have to do more with emotions than materiality, thanks to the gaze that rests upon them. In Italy I created a memorial about a plane flying to Palermo. It was a sound installation. Eighty people died in this air crash, and I imagined the last thought of each of them : “I hope mum cooked something good”, or “I hope my cousin is doing…