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Kundalini Rising & the Rewiring Process

This article is for the people who may not be familiar with how Ascension related Kundalini energy feels and also how the Rewiring Process feels in the body. Many of you have already lived throu…

Article: The Beauty of Man and Woman – Aisha Salem

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Plate 38 - Lost Book of Nostradamus

Making the Prima Materia - Elias Ashmole describes it this way in his poem about alchemy called “Hunting the Greene Lyon”: And choose what thou shalt finde of meanest price: Leave sophisters, and following my advice, Be not deluded; for the truth is one, ‘Tis not in many things, this is Our Stone: At first appearing in a garb defiled, And, to deal plainly, it is Saturn’s childe. His price is meane, his venom very great His constitution cold, devoid of heat."

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