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Carlos Marin en Concierto en Campeche Parte 18

First-ever hybrid shark discovered off Australia

Scientists have identified the first-ever hybrid shark off the coast of Australia, a discovery that suggests some shark species may respond to changing ocean conditions by interbreeding with one another.

Stern view of the U.S. Navy Wasp Class Amphibious Assault Ship USS Bataan (LHD 5) underway with eight USMC MV-22 Osprey aircraft ready for takeoff, part of testing conducted by Marine Tiltrotor Operational Test and Evaluation Squadron 22 (VMX-22), MCAS New River, NC, 18 June 2005

La Triomphante, Galissonnière-class ironclad part of the Far East Squadron, she served in the Sino-French War. Launched 1877, sold for scrap in 1903

After the Armistice with Germany part of the deal should be the French navy The Handover of 2 battleships ,4 cruisers ,5 frigates ,10 destroyers 10 submarines 4 tankers ,20 freighters ,2 craneships and 4 docks would be just 18% of the French navy but it would be a giant supplement for the Kriegsmarine

[Photo] USS Nevada and USS Texas in Belfast Lough, Northern Ireland, United Kingdom, 14 May 1944

USS Nevada and USS Texas in Belfast Lough,Northern Ireland, 14 May 1944. Another dispersal point for the D Day invasion fleet. Not all the invasion fleet were in waters around southern England, but dispersed throughout UK ports, north & south. The pier in Bangor was renamed Eisenhower Pier, in honour of General Eisenhower who addressed troops here & embarked to the ships of the fleet to review this element of the invasion fleet.

HMS Firedrake(H79), F Class Destroyer. built by Parsons Marine Steam turbine Co. Wallsend(hull sub contracted to Vickers Armstrongs, Walker), commissioned 30/05/35. Part of 8th Destroyer Flotilla based at Scapa Flow. On 14/09/39 partial credit for sinking U-39. Aug. '40 assigned to Gibralter. Partial credit in sinking of Italian sub Durbo on 18/10/40. Participated in Battle of Spartivento. Winter '41 transferred to Boston as Leader of Escort Group B7. On 17/12/42 torpedoed by U-211 and…

USS Mobile (AKA-115/LKA-115) 1968, was a Charleston class attack cargo ship. She served as a commissioned ship for 24 years and 4 months. LKA's had the distinction of being the only ships in the "Gator Navy" that were not flat bottom. They would drop anchor several hundred yards offshore and use their Mike 8's (LCM-8) and Mike 6's (LCM-6) to ferry in the Marines and their equipment. The ship was laid down at 15 January 1968 as AKA-115. Mobile was extensively involved in the Vietnam War…