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Diatoms are microscopic unicellular algae and are one of the most common types of phytoplankton. Oceanographer Paul Hargreaves took the images with an electron microscope, and then the artist Faye Darling using design programs colored them.

Skeletonema is a single-cell organism belonging to the group of algae called diatoms. Diatoms are unique among the phytoplankton in having a glasslike exterior made of silica. Skeletonema is a chain-forming alga and one of the most commonplace diatoms in the marine coastal environment. Blooms, which often occur in winter and spring, can discolor the water yellow to brown. This diatom is not toxic, but Skeletonema blooms can mechanically damage the gills of fish by clogging them, and killing…

scanning electron micrograph of a diatom

El fabuloso mundo de las diatomeas | LaReserva

The delicate beauty of a radiolarian skeleton is captured in this scanning electron microscope (SEM) image. Radiolarians are microscopic, single-celled protozoa that drift in the waters of the world's oceans. Photo: Kurt Buck © 2001 MBARI

Skeletonema punctatum diatom

The dorsal side of Protoceratium reticulatum .Digitally colorized diatom from an electron microscopic image. diatoms by Dr Paul Hargreaves

diatoms -- single cell plants and great beauties of the natural world.

Diatom frustules (Campylodiscus sp.)

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