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baby camel .. you don't see many of these in photos

Silent Language of Hands | Steve McCurry

The Elephant Clock", Folio from a Book of the Knowledge of Ingenious Mechanical Devices by al-Jazari

Ancient persian horse head, achaemenid period

This 13th-century ivory goddess from Minet-el Beida in northwest Syria is heavily influenced by Cretan art: her coiffure with curling tresses, flounced skirts, and the sheafs in both hands, as at Mycenae (above). The goddess even stands on a mountain as in Cretan seals. But the rampant goats are a west Asian theme that was adopted into Aegean art by way of Cyprus. The great Ugaritic goddess venerated in these parts was Athirat (Asherah in Hebrew), qaniyatu elima: progenitrix of the gods.

11 Pequeñas cosas que te harán sonreír esta semana

Solo algunas cosas adorables para hacerte feliz.

Simplicity in a Moroccan fountain Moroccan Riad Design: Riad Kniza in Marrakech, Morocco