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25 tutoriales para que aprendas a doblar cosas como un verdadero adulto

Con estos simples tutoriales te podrás convertir en un maestro del doblado, logrando obtener prendas y elementos perfectamente ordenados. Más

When im married and preggo I will be a cute pregnant lady that takes the time to do her eyeliner even though her bump wont allow her to bend forward in front of te sink so can get close enough to the mirror to see what ahes doing.

Grey Wash Wood Finish - How to Get the Grey Distressed Look on Your Own Furniture


Race/Ethnicity bent Princesses! I have all the others, now I finally have the Future Princesses!

Qué os parece este peinado para el verano?

*ADOPTED on 11-18-14 by Mera Whiterose* Jenessa is 16. She loves sunshine and chocolate.She would like to become a nanny. She loves to care for younger childeren, especially her sister, Katie, who is 8. She loves snow and candy canes. She sometimes gets in a bit of trouble, but luckily Jenessa is always there to help. (Checked on 1-5-16)

A few years ago one of my son's got paralyzed from the waist down from a car accident. We haven't had the time to rearrange the home to accommodate him yet. It still is hard on me to watch him struggle to get around the home. I want to see if I can get him a stair lift to get him upstairs. This one looks like it bends around the whole staircase, I wonder if they all come like this.

Honestly, it looks like Annabeth and Will. I know its suppose to be the genderbent of Annabeth but that's just what it looks like to me.