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Aioibashi (Aioi Bridge), a railway overpass connection between Kobe and Osaka

OLD PHOTOS of JAPAN: View from Aioibashi Kobe 1900s

Rickshaws in Motomachi-dori (元町通) in Kobe

120410-0012 - Motomachi, Kobe - Vintage Images of Japan

A question from Prof. Stewart | Week 1.4 Giyōfū Builders in the First Decade of Meiji | ARCH101x Courseware | edX

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Japan's First Railway. Shimbashi (in Tokyo) to Sakuraguicho (in Yokohama)

'Japan's First Railway' Exhibition at the National Railway Museum York

Commodore Biddle’s ships anchored in Edo Bay in 1846 and surrounded by small Japanese boats

MIT Visualizing Cultures

A map of Japanese homes encircling Edo castle to illustrate Tokugawa hegemony and space.

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Daikaisei Yokohama zenzu / Nishiki, Seisa. Meiji 28 [1895]

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