Dormitorios infantiles

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there are many pictures on the wall in this child's room, including toys
Lion House — Design & That Studio
Lion House — Design & That Studio
some toys are sitting on a table in front of a circus tent
Blaubloom | Originales juguetes, regalos y artículos para celebraciones.
a kitchen with two bulletin boards on the wall next to a counter top and cabinets
Modern & Minimal Utah Home Tour with a Spanish Influence · Haven
two twin beds with white linens and teddy bears on the pillows in front of them
RENTAL HOUSE: OUR TWIN GIRLS' SHARED ROOM! — WINTER DAISY | Melissa Barling, Kids' Interior Decorator & Lifestyle Blogger
a bedroom with bunk beds and pillows on the bottom bunk, next to a window
Awkward Rooflines Are No Match for These Clever Solutions
a room with a bed, chair and rug on the floor in front of a window
Take a Tour of an Inviting, Japanese-Inspired Home in London
a child's room with toys and furniture in it, including a toy car
У каждого ребенка своя история, автор Samarina Anna Malafeeva Tatiana, конкурс "создавая мир ребенка" | PINWIN - конкурсы для архитекторов, дизайнеров, декораторов