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a poster with red squares and black and white images on it that says, behnale des art contemporants
* ORG Vanja Golubovic - Usa placas lisas y con textura, los cuadros de img podrían ser panes de texto.
a magazine cover with an image of a woman's face and words on it
Visual Collectibles
grafico puro, sem sombras ou transparencias. estilo retro
an open book with green and white pages
Interior covers pattern// Fede Kanno - Editorial / Cuentos para tahúres - Rodolfo Walsh
an advertisement with many different pictures and words on it, including people in black and white
an open book with many different pictures and words on the cover, including numbers in circles
Revista Oeste | Distribuciones concéntricas
an image of a magazine layout with different colors and shapes on it's pages
an open book with black and yellow pages on the front, in which there are several different types of text
reticula o layout - Buscar con Google
a poster with black and white photos on it that says cube, sako art right angle
matthieu salvaggio - typo/graphic posters
Affiche - Cube tube sako architect - Righ angle #graphic #poster #geometric
an open book with many pictures on it's cover and the pages are covered in photos
Bitcoin Plinko: The Perfect Blend of Nostalgia and Innovation
Layout and Design - link takes you to a Tumblr with more design stuff. I don't get Tumblr. The triangle thing is pretty cool, though and creates a patchwork/geometric look that might be fun. - Mrs. Soboroff
an article is shown in the middle of a magazine page with black and white photos
Redirect Notice
Magazine Layout. I like this layout because it is small and very direct. I enjoy the columns and the vertical stress of the layout.
an open brochure with geometric shapes and photos on it's side, including the words contents films music
Kaleid Arts & Culture Magazine
This is a very new age looking design. What I like is that there is a lot of white space which makes the colored parts more important. The only problem is the text going all different ways, but the triangular shapes with the pictures keeps you moving from the top of the page down to the last picture. Though the text might be a little confusing, the imagery is very nice.
an info sheet with information about the project
NOW - happenings festival
NOW - happenings festival by Rocío Fernández Fuks, via Behance [inspiration for subtly incorporated overlay colors and b&w photography]