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Architecture, Music, Design... anything I want to remind myself of in future.

Cluny House in Singapore by Neri & Hu Design

Parker Arts & Cultural Events {PACE} Center by Semple Brown Design, P.C. - Denver pinterest.com/AnkApin/public-b-commercial Más

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Galería de Clásicos de Arquitectura: Museo Guggenheim Bilbao / Frank Gehry - 9

Clásicos de Arquitectura: Museo Guggenheim Bilbao,Aris Gionis [Flickr User CC]

folded glass facades take once-modular components of glass and steel and make them appear more malleable. Barkow Leibinger Architects' Trutec Building in Seoul, Korea synthesizes the modular and the folded by taking a regular rectangular grid and infilling the cells with a prismatic pattern of triangular and trapezoidal glass panes.