The Art of Composition

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a person walking up some stairs in front of a concrete wall with steps leading to it
Parque Venecia / Héctor Fernández Elorza + Manuel Fernández Ramírez
an empty room with white walls and marble flooring in the center is seen from the doorway
Galería de MIEC + MMAP / Alvaro Siza + Eduardo Souto de Moura - 36
an empty courtyard with brick walls and doors
PRIVADA LOMAS DEL VALLE · Estudio Macías Peredo
black and white photograph of an empty room with brick walls, wood flooring and wooden floors
Contemporary Architecture Style and Design
a red stop sign sitting in front of a tall brick building with lots of windows
modern brick facade
modern brick facade - Google Search
a very tall tower with a clock on it's side and scaffolding around the top
Ошибка 429
Design of Architectural Environment
a woman is standing in an empty room with large windows on both sides and another person walking down the hall
Galería de Domus Aurea / Alberto Campo Baeza + GLR Arquitectos - 4
Galería de Domus Aurea / Alberto Campo Baeza + GLR Arquitectos - 4
a building with a tree in the window and sky reflected in it's windows
Maitenance | HIC
unparelldarquitectes > La casa cáscara de Marunys
a man walking down a hallway between two tall white pillars in front of a building
The Monte Amiata Housing Development was built between 1967 and 1974 to an urban design coordinated by Carlo Aymonino and is considered the manifesto of the architectural theories on social building of the late 1960s